Now for Something Completely Different

April 14, 2004

Look out, there's a Q-Storm a-brewing

Have you heard about Q-Storming? An online group I'm involved with has been using it lately, and I have to tell you, it's an amazing way to jumpstart your thinking--perfect for all kinds of meetings. After all, the Pentagon and other government agencies use it, as does a wide range of corporate and other entities.

Here's a quick intro, fresh from the Web site of the Institute for Inquiring Leadership: "Great results begin with great questions. The future begins with our thinking. Since we build our world with the questions we ask, opening new possibilities requires asking new questions, both strategically and tactically. Questions that are qualitatively different leap over old boundaries of thinking, land us in new paradigms, and produce innovation, collaboration, and bottom-line results."

Developed from the work of Marilee G. Adams, Ph.D., the originator of QuestionThinking, it's an awesome tool.


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